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rise above the noise

At the Empathic Treehouse we believe in community. Healing our communities. We are a group of collaborative wellness professionals with entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to help others heal and live this life to the fullest. Nestled right on the water of Goodby’s Creek we have a serene and inviting atmosphere. We invite you to stop in for a visit and take in all we have to offer from our massage and bodywork to cupping, meditation, coaching, empath tools & support, sound therapy, private yoga classes and energy work.

Menu of Services

EmBox - Our New Subscription Box

The EmBox is a lovingly curated monthly subscription box with the purpose of empowering Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and all Souls ready to grow and flourish.

Self-Love is not a myth! It is actually a portal to Freedom. Each month is thoughtfully themed with a different Universal Need giving you fun tools, guidance, support and lots of love. Brought to you by The Empathic Treehouse Wellness & Massage. Join the club!

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Why a Treehouse?

Other than the fact that Treehouses are really cool, they are an escape from the normal. Iconic places of childhood imagination and a safe space to run that is high up above the chatter. They are part of nature where you find healing and a place of peace and quiet. They are often built in the woods, are surrounded by nature and do not have many neighbors. Treehouses symbolize freedom. A place of autonomy where you can be who you are or anything you want to be….safely.

Our Community

We love our huge community! Our partnering therapists, clients, local artists & vibrational therapists, vendors, yoga instructors and many more are the energy and sense of Tribe that keep us going. Check them out and be sure to tell your friends too.If you love supporting your local small businesses we can help you do that. Our partnering massage therapists are all located here at Empathic Treehouse.

Meet Our Tribe